Rob Howard

Co-Founder - Hutch & Howard

Hutch & Howard at Keller Williams Knoxville

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About Rob Howard

Since meeting during a transaction back in 2009, Brandon Hutchison and Rob Howard been great friends – Rob was very happy when Brandon called in 2012 and asked about working with Keller Williams and whether he’d be interested in being his ‘sponsor’ in joining the company. From there he grew into the professional with excellent reputation that he’s gained through years of hard, consistent and thoughtful work.
In 2016 when he broached the idea of creating a team of close friends that would grow into the Hutch & Howard team Rob was intrigued. Since joining KW several years ago Rob had been invited to join teams, none were a perfect fit. This one is.
A blend of old and new, a combined 25 years in the business, studied and energetic, Hutch & Howard has created a structure incorporating well- designed marketing campaigns, client service that inspires repeat business and a fantastic professional reputation are hallmarks of what make us different.
We’re motivated to serve you, excited to come to the office every day and looking for new ways to help my friends / clients and future clients!